This post was written by Kate, a student intern at Art for AIDS International.


Maintaining a non-profit organization and helping it grow is not an easy task. On Thursday January 20th, Art for AIDS International held its monthly volunteer meeting and brainstorming session. It was a round-table discussion with twenty of Art for AIDS’s enthusiastic volunteers. Led by Hendrikus Bervoets, the meeting was focused on encouraging volunteers to bring passion to individual projects in support for the organization. Upon reflection, Hendrikus reiterated that the volunteers are the backbone of Art for AIDS International. Not only do they dedicate time, energy and funds to the organization, they also bring vibrant ideas and innovation. This vigor keeps Art for AIDS International growing and visible in the community.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that attended on Thursday. Your commitment to the organization and social change is inspiring. Use your individuality, creativity and passion to spread the mission and work of Art for AIDS International. Let’s continue to work together to achieve our goals!

If you would like to apply to volunteer for Art for AIDS International, or have questions about how you can help us in our Gallery and Head Office, support our work online, or help organize events and workshops in your own community, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator!