The following post was written by Kate Hoad-Reddick, student intern at Art for AIDS International.

Wide shot of Art for AIDS International Gallery

Alex and I have been working as Interns at Art for AIDS International for just over three months now. While our placements are almost over, our relationship with Art for AIDS International will be long-lasting. Since our first day, Art for AIDS International has been a warm and stimulating place to work. The passion of Founder and Executive Director, Hendrikus Bervoets and the dedicated volunteers has been contagious. We have also been tactfully mentored from abroad by JP Bervoets. JP has been amazing to work with and has introduced us to the world of Art for AIDS International.

So, what have we been up to recently?

Alex and I are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the UWO Exhibit that will occur this Sunday at the Art for AIDS gallery from 7-10pm. Putting together an event always has its challenges. Alex and I have had to unleash our inner party planner in order to get the ball rolling. Synthesizing all the necessary components and being full-time students who balance part-time work is no easy task. However, we have both been blown away by the support of the volunteer task force that has stepped up to make this event a success. Jess, Jordan, Juan, and Brittany have helped make this event a reality. We also have a team of volunteers who are rallying to help us Sunday night to make sure that the exhibit runs smoothly. This teamwork is what makes Art for AIDS International a success.

Want to see the finished product? Join us at the Art for AIDS International Gallery at 242 Dundas Street on Sunday from 7-10pm. Tickets are $5 each and include a $5 gift certificate that can be applied to a print or some Art for AIDS International merch! [Click here for Facebook Event Listing]

SPOILER ALERT: Live music from Alanna Gurr, Sam Allen and Graham Nicholas, specialty cupcakes, and beautiful art from UWO students!

Stay tuned for another edition of Working at Art for AIDS INTERNational. In particular, check back soon for a video blog from Alex and I as we reflect on our experience at this amazing organization!