On a daily basis, stories about war, poverty, disease, and injustice dominate the news and can be easy to recognize in the community around us. Despite this, there are equally as many stories highlighting success at the individual, community, and global levels worth acknowledgment and celebration.

This week, in recognition of World Humanitarian Day, we would like to recognize the tireless work of the doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, and aid workers around the world, that every day overcome adversity and work improve people’s lives. We would also like to thank the young people who contribute their vision of a better world through art in our workshops, the teachers who invite us into their school communities, and our own team of volunteers for their hard work and enthusiasm.

As we recognize World Humanitarian Day, let’s each take up the simple call to do something good for someone else, as often as we can.

Learn more about World Humanitarian Day, or how you can get involved at: http://www.un.org/en/events/humanitarianday/