The following post was written by Art for AIDS Marketing and Communications Intern Robyn Bell.

Windsor 6

On February 1st, Art for AIDS International hosted a workshop with teacher candidates as part of the Professional Learning Series at the University of Windsor, held during the Faculty of Education’s 6th Annual Social Justice in Education Conference. The annual conference seeks to encourage students to reflect on the importance of social justice and equity in education. At the end of the workshop, participants had an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. While we had a fantastic time hosting the workshop, the responses we received were truly heartwarming for our team to read.

This is what they had to say:

“Immensely Enjoyable workshop.  I very much enjoyed the hands-on aspect of this workshop and Mr. Bervoets is visibly passionate about what he does.  The explanation of the motive behind the workshops/organization was also presented well.  It was a very encouraging environment and it doesn’t matter if you’re an ‘artist’ or not–I was very impressed by the caliber of work produced! I would definitely bring this workshop to future classes I may teach.  Not only does it raise awareness of AIDS/Social Justice issues, it’s also hella fun! A++, Would workshop again!”

– Brian Laine

“This Workshop was very useful and fun.  Its nice to do an activity rather than just listen.  The concept of using our art for a cause is great.  I’m glad I came to this.”

– Jenn Ducroix

“This workshop surprised me–I’m not sure if I read the description or not, but it is not what I expected. The Surprise was pleasant.  I particularly enjoyed the message about turning your passion or talent into a tool for betterment and hope.  The activity was great; A wonderful de-stressor after a hectic week! Thank you for coming and sharing your passion with us.”

– Tia Papa

“I very much enjoyed this workshop because it was not just a lecture but a hands on experience.  I will be taking and using this within my own classroom.  Thank you.”

– Anonymous

“Thank you very much, Hendrikus, for your dedication and the transmission of your passion.  We learned a lot and we learned how to put our heart and compassion into the learning process.  Keep up the good work.  Good luck!”

– Alia Khalaf

windsor 8

Thank you to all of the participants, the Faculty of Education at University of Windsor for hosting the workshop, and Lisa Staley for all the great photos.