Happy International Women's Day!


Happy International Women's Day!

Let's take today to recognize the steps we have made in creating gender equality and celebrate the contributions women have shared with us throughout history; but also be reminded of the steps we must continue to take. This year, we stand with women around the world as we fight for total gender equality and #pledgeforparity among all people. We view gender equality as an important part of our work in educating people of issues surrounding HIV and AIDS and want to stress how important this concept is in so many other issues we all face in our everyday lives.
So today - thank you to all women and thank you to everyone who joins us in celebrating International Women's Day! #IWD2016


Moselewapula Junior Secondary School in Gaborone

March 3.16-08 March 3.16-07 March 3.16-03 March 3.16-05

Art for AIDS International had its second workshop in Botswana this month. We had a wonderful time with the students at Moselewapula Junior Secondary School in Gabarone. Students were able to share their stories but also their artwork, which we always find a therapeutic experience. All of the conversations we had and the work that we were able to create has made us even more excited to continue our workshops in Botswana and South Africa and to learn more from all of the students that we visit.

It’s amazing how no matter how many workshops that we hold, there is no workshop that is the same – there is always more to learn and to create. Thank you to Moselewapula JSS for being a part of this experience with us. We hope that we were able to leave you with the same type of inspiration we feel after each workshop!

March 3.16-11 March 3.16-10

Successful First Workshop Day

March 1.16-01



Art for AIDS International had the pleasure of conducting a workshop on March 1 at the Junior school called Lotlaamoreng, located in Goodhoop, Botswana.March 1.16-05

We worked with 35 friendly students, the vice principal, a teacher, and a woman visiting from the United States.  The students happily assembled images into collages, pleased that their efforts will be used to raise funds supporting further HIV and AIDS education programming.

March 1.16-04

We hope that the students involved in the workshop were affected in a positive way that will reach even further to those around them in their communities.  It is always a pleasure to meet new friends and work together toward a common goal.  Thank you to the staff of Lotlaamoreng for welcoming us.

written by Nicole Li, volunteer


UNAIDS: Zero Discrimination Day


Art for AIDS International has been part of the fight for the past 15 years in trying to end the stigma

around people living with HIV and AIDS around the world. As our organization has seen,

this is not a simple task that can be done alone, or in a set amount of time. There is no

one cause, problem, or solution surrounding the issues of HIV and AIDS, but in working

together we can continue to help educate people and make a change. That is why today,

Tuesday March 1st, we are celebrating Zero Discrimination Day with UNAIDS to help

raise awareness of the inequalities that people with HIV and AIDS regularly face.

UNAIDS has devised an action plan that focuses on healthcare, the workplace and

education settings, that they hope will allow to end or heavily decrease discrimination

against HIV and AIDS patients by the year 2021.  Our thoughts and opinions about these

issues are what help shape the institutional policies in place. If we want to see change we

must all work together to be able to make sure that everyone, no matter who they are or

where they live are being provided the services they deserve without facing



Throughout our history, Art for AIDS International has seen many inspiring pieces created all over

the world in support of social justice and change. In honour of Zero Discrimination Day

we would like to share a few images created by students that found inspiration in the

butterfly. Please join us in celebrating the diversity and saying no to discrimination, today

and all days to come.



“On this year’s Zero Discrimination Day, people are being urged to value and embrace

diversity and recognize the diverse set of talents and skills that each person

brings—talents that enrich society and strengthen communities. Welcoming diversity in

all its forms reinforces social cohesion and brings valuable benefits to societies around

the world.”2







2 http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/documents/2016/Agenda-zero-discrimination-healthcare

Special Offer for a Limited Time



Please join us in celebrating 15 years of Art for AIDS International with this special limited time offer.  Simply use the coupon code:  15years (no spaces) at checkout.  Offer ends March 15, 2016.

15th Anniversary World Tour


Art for AIDS International has many workshops planned for the coming months and that means a lot of travel.  It is exciting to go to different places, some new, some now very familiar, meeting new people and renewing special friendships that have grown over the years.  It also means we will have new unique collages to exhibit and sell both in our gallery and online.

February 2015:

Hoedspruit and Acornhoek, South Africa and Botswana

It is very exciting to return to Hoedspruit and Acornhoek in Limpopo to celebrate the art work created during our workshops in September 2015 and to host some new workshops in this area, sponsored by a special friend of Art for AIDS International.  Limpopo has the highest per capita infection rate in the world so it is important to us that we do as many workshops in this region as we are able.

Final week of March 2016:

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

We are happy to be able to return and work again with our friends at Lakehead Public Schools.  It will be a pleasure to see the supportive teachers again and meet their new classes for some art-making and great conversations.



May 2016:  Keewatin, Ontario, Canada

This will be our first time collaborating with Keewatin-Patricia District School Board and we look forward to spending some time with students at several of their schools in the beautiful springtime.

September 2016:

Ghana and Nigeria

Working with teachers in collaboration with GNAT and others on an exciting new Train the Teachers Project.  We will conduct workshops with teachers, showing them a new and innovative way to have appropriate, comfortable and effective conversations with their students surrounding sensitive topics associated with HIV and AIDS.

Dates to be determined:

LesothoSouth Africa, and Botswana.  We look forward to seeing the results of collaborations with teachers federations in each of these countries, training teachers who will remain in Africa when we have gone back to Canada.  Art for AIDS International is happy that the outcome of this project is reaching more students than ever.

We still have room in our schedule to visit you as well and we would love to add your location to our itinerary.  This is shaping up to be a very productive and exciting year for Art for AIDS International.  Thank you for your continued support!


15 Years of Inspiring Change


Art for AIDS International is excited to share that we have entered our 15th year as a charitable organization. Through education and encouragement in workshops spanning across 11 countries, over 15 000 students have taken part to make a positive and creative impact in the global response to HIV and AIDS through art.

Since 2001, over $1 million has been raised to support women and children affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. In honour of this milestone and in celebration of all the special moments, we will be posting a selection of the favourite collages from the past 15 years.

Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years, and made these milestones possible. We look forward to many more.

Images of Ireland Inspire by Joe Belanger of London Free Press



Pleased to see an encouraging article in the London Free Press today written by local reporter, Joe Belanger.  Thanks, Joe, for your kind words.



An Art for AIDS International Experience

Being new to the Art for AIDS International organization, when I was given the opportunity of taking part in a workshop I couldn’t wait. Walking around the gallery and seeing the amazing artwork hung up, I wondered how all of these young people could make such beautiful work. While I had heard the main idea about the workshops, I still had no idea what to expect.


It was a morning and no one knew each other that well, so we were all rather quiet.  We listened attentively as Hendrikus told us his story and more about Art for AIDS International. When it came our turn to talk about our own personal experiences is when we began to open up. What Hendrikus had done was create a safe space where everyone was on an equal playing field. Conversation flowed, and we were able to talk about all sorts of topics – from social inequality and discrimination, to the American presidential candidates. It was this openness that gave me the confidence to make my own artwork, and be proud of it as well.




171-08 Arthur Taylor



Taking part in an Art for AIDS International workshop helped me to not only understand the mission of the organization in general, but understand why it is so important. I think many people distance themselves from problems of HIV and AIDS in other countries because they seem far away – they are not affecting our lives here. What we now understand is that people all over the world are faced with problems of low self-esteem and inequality. Being able to have a space where these issues can be talked about freely made an impact in my realization of my inhibitions, and I can’t imagine what it is doing for others.

Exhibit Showcasing Works from Local London Students

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce our new exhibit showcasing the artwork created by students at Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.

IMG_3955 IMG_3968


The exhibit displaying their unique pieces will be going on from December 8th, 2015- January 15th, 2016, on our second floor gallery at One London Place.

Below are some samples of the work produced by the students.


We hope to see many of you there!