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Sue Williamson - Adeline, 2000

Why Art Matters when it comes to HIV Education [VIDEO]

This post is the first in the “Creating Change Series” by Tasha A Riley, PhD-Prevention Education Coordinator, AIDS Vancouver. This series will discuss links between art and HIV education by highlighting the contributions of various artists to the field of HIV/AIDS education and activism. In 2001 I had the unique opportunity to work as a volunteer in […]

Reflecting on the Art for AIDS Workshop Process

Throughout the workshop process (from start to finish), I felt a strong sense of unity and kinship with my fellow participants. As a group, we worked together in a collaborative effort to 1) listen and understand, and 2) voice our opinions and thoughts through artistic outlets. Fresh ideas and motivational speech combined with intense visual imagery and creative expression encouraged me to be self reflective, innovative and insightful. Working within frames of social justice and equality issues and learning about the daily struggles and hardships of individuals across the globe fostered both feelings of despair and hope within me.