Art for AIDS International’s Board of Directors represents a diverse group of individuals whose unique knowledge and experience provide insight and direction into all of the fundamental principals, policies, and operational aspects of the organization.

Our Directors participate voluntarily and do not get an honourarium for their work with Art for AIDS International.

Tom Tillmann

Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
London, Canada

Andrew Chunilall

Director of Finance
London Community Foundation

Finance and Regulatory Consultant
Community Foundations of Canada
London, Canada

James Ryan

Former President
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Quick

Miller Thomson LLP
London, Canada

D’Arcy Quinn

Vice President
Moffatt & Powell RONA
London, Canada

Jean Paul Bervoets

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Community Foundations of Canada
Toronto, Canada

We would also like to recognize Ms. Betty Makoni, Executive Director of Girl Child Network Worldwide, as an Honorary Board Member. While Betty is unable to provide operational support to Art for AIDS International, she generously lends her depth of experience working with vulnerable women and children in Southern Africa and globally, to Art for AIDS International in a non-voting advisory position.