Last night the students and faculty at Toronto’s The York School raised an incredible $1690.00 for Art for AIDS International at their annual concert.  All of the funds raised came from the sale of artwork produced by York School students at this year’s Art for AIDS International workshop series, which was hosted for the eighth consecutive year.  Last nights success, however, got us thinking a little bit more about the incredible role that the York School has played as a supporter of Art for AIDS International, and about the direct results that have come out of the passion and leadership of their students.  As such, we decided to crunch the numbers and find out how much the York School has been able to raise in their eight year partnership with Art for AIDS International…the results even surprised us: 

  • Since 2002 the York School students and faculty have raised roughly $36,000 through their dedication to hosting an annual workshop, the sale of prints at community events, and, the purchase of one full portfolio for their school annually, which now adorn the York School hallways.
  • In addition, through the York School’s participation we were able to host a Twinning Project sponsored by Cobalt Pharmaceuticals at a cost of $22,000 that twinned the York School with a school in South Africa creating tremendous opportunities for cross-cultural learning, and amazing benefits on the ground for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The total, both directly, and indirectly related to the York School’s participation is $58,000, which has enabled us to continue to support the work of incredible projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa that address the complex reality of HIV and AIDS for disproportionately affected populations of women and children.  One such project that has been the recipient of funds raised by York School students is Nkosi’s Haven, in Johannesburg South Africa, which currently cares for over 100 children and 50 HIV positive women directly, and has reached over 9000 children through their Vukani Outreach program over the last few years.

Art for AIDS has had the privilege of working with over 200 schools across Canada and around the world. Each school has been integral to helping the local community combat HIV and AIDS through education, and the international community through education, advocacy, and the support of grassroots projects.  The York school is a tremendous example of how a school community can take the Art for AIDS workshop to the next level and truly create substantive change.  Thank you to the York School for their continued participation and support. Your students and faculty embody the passion, dedication, and leadership needed to halt the spread of HIV and end a three-decades long pandemic.

Check out some of the photos of the York School workshop and portfolio:

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